Good things happen when you have a friend! 

Friendship can change a person’s life.  Friends listen and share life experiences. Friends are the best kind of medicine when striving for good mental health.  Through Compeer you can be a caring friend to someone who would benefit by your presence in their life.  Volunteering can be as simple as going for a walk or sharing a cup of coffee. 
Spend an hour a week doing things you enjoy with a new friend! This intentional friendship offers our clients the opportunity to improve self-esteem, to increase participation in the community, and to decrease their sense of isolation and loneliness. Participants, both volunteers and clients, in our program find that their time together is highly beneficial.
Compeer offers a rewarding volunteer experience. If you would like to spend your volunteer time doing something that can make a profound difference in another person’s life, Compeer is for you!
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